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Vector Velocity Dynamics in Aerospace
Vector Velocity Dynamics in Aerospace
Tomorrow's technology for today.
Imagine something like a gyroscope, inside of saucer, and an expert pilot, or perhaps an auto pilot.  The flying object is lightweight, and shiny, and it zips through the air as though there were no such thing as gravity, or atmospheric drag, or anything in the way.  Zip, zip, and away.

There are advantages to making a flying saucer style aircraft:

• Increased lift due to the flying wing design
• Reduced weight due to virtually all of the surface area being used for lift
• Structural integrity far greater than typical fixed wing aircraft
• Exceptional aerobatic and maneuvering ability especially with rolls
• Lower radar signature and easy for stealth adaptation
• Extremely stable in flight
• Simple design and construction
• Design can simply be scaled up or down



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